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Posted on 27/12/18

moschino - mens t-shirt - fashion blog - diamonds & aces

1. Moschino Patch T-shirt Logo

I love the bear print, it looks so cool. Also the hat and the waist coat on the bear is a nice touch, and the lights in the name of Moschino is really nice. This T-shirt is something that will grab people's attention as you are walking/traveling around town. It's luxurious and stylish, 100% cotton. Find it here 




 Diamonds & Aces - Men's T-shirts - Fashion blog

2. Diamonds & Aces Roman Signature T-shirt 

This sophisticated, simplistic; Stylish T-shirt is desirable to me because of the amount of outfits I could use it with. But also I love the logo, it's such eye candy, and also I like to show off the luxury clothes I own in a subtle way (Depending on my mood.), others may differ with massive logo's ect. However, for me this is the perfect T-shirt, 100% cotton. Find it here




Neil BarrettFlame Bolt T-shirt - Men's T-shirts - Fashion Blog - Diamonds & Aces

3. Neil Barrett Flame Bolt T-shirt 

The flame and lighting print is nice, with maybe a red pair of jeans, this T-shirt looks good, however, not something I would wear often due to "Power." of the T-shirt. It has a smooth texture to it and has a good fit. cotton 94%spandex/elastane 6%. Find it here




Off-White Kiss graphic print T-shirt - Men's T-shirt - Fashion Blog - Diiamonds & Aces

 4. Off-White Kiss graphic print T-shirt

Why is this fourth? You may be thinking right now, well firstly it's a very cool print. It's definitely eye catching, the colours really do pop out, it also has a somewhat vintage design to it as well. I like the way the "OFF" is just printed above the design. The only issue I may have is it may be slightly weird for me, although for others I'm sure like this style! 100% cotton. Find it here 




McQ by Alexander McQueen - Men's T-shirt - Diamonds & Aces - Fashion Blog

5. McQ Alexander McQueen Swallow Swarm T-shirt

Depending on what you wear with this T-shirt, I do think that it can make an magnificent outfit. There is a lot going on with this T-shirt, it's definitely a "Swarm." going on. It's bold, and it's cool, the T-shirt has potential to be marvelous if worn correctly. polyester 100%, cotton 100%. Find it here



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